First Post

Near the beginning of this year, I started traveling again. It’s taken a while (and 2 continents) for me to get this travel blog up and running, but hopefully now that I’ve nailed down a good-enough design and it’s up and running, I’ll do a better job back-filling content in.

A few years ago I spent about a year and a half semi-nomadic. Last year I started planning to do it again, although with a focus on spending a couple months in the places I’d visited that I’d liked the most rather than just a few weeks in places.

I started out my travels in February visiting Asia: a couple weeks in Taipei, then a week in Singapore and Bali, then two months in Tokyo, another stop in Taipei, a week in HK/SZ, a 3 week gastronomic tour of China, and then another week or so in Taipei.

I spent a couple weeks catching up after this first leg of traveling back in Los Angeles, and then headed out to Berlin in the beginning of July. I’m typing this from a sublet in Mitte, where I’ll be until September (I may visit some European cities while I’m here) before heading to Portland for a bit.

Well, that’s a start at least. My plan for this blog is to keep some notes of my travels and discoveries, and maybe talk about the why and the how (there will be gear reviews). But more on that later…