Monthly Archives: November 2014

Taipei Field Notes

My parents are from Taiwan, and historically I made it back there once every few years, mostly staying with or visiting relatives. I speak some (very poor) Mandarin Chinese (the official language) and slightly better Taiwanese (basically Hokkien/Fujian Hua). Earlier this year I visited for about a month total in my initial leg of my… Read more »

Audio Gear: RHA T10i IEMs

Feel free to listen to my “Audio Audition” Spotify playlist on the right while reading this. I’ve been adding to it all year. These tracks are of course songs I like and know pretty well now, but also chosen specifically to test the headphones I try out across a good spectrum of the stuff I listen… Read more »

Clothing Gear: Triple Aught Design (TAD Gear)

After my first few months in Asia, I swung by SF when I was back in the States, and since they have a couple stores there (“Dogpatch Base” being the main location?) I swung by to try some things on (quality is high, but so is the price).  Here’s how they’ve worked out: Early on… Read more »