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Best Purchase of 2015 So Far

Tokyo gets insanely dry in the winter, especially with an air-heater running. Behold, the portable USB-powered humidifier, the best ¥1000 I’ve spent this year:

Taipei Field Notes

My parents are from Taiwan, and historically I made it back there once every few years, mostly staying with or visiting relatives. I speak some (very poor) Mandarin Chinese (the official language) and slightly better Taiwanese (basically Hokkien/Fujian Hua). Earlier this year I visited for about a month total in my initial leg of my… Read more »

Tokyo Field Notes

From my experiences Feb 2014 – April 2014 (ported from my hackpad) General Tips/Notes Get a Suica card immediately (can buy from machine for ¥2000 (¥500 refundable deposit for the card, ¥1500 initial balance). This will make your transportation life much easier – otherwise you have to buy separate tickets for each subway line and… Read more »

Prague Field Notes

Wrapping up my summer in Berlin, I figured that I really ought to visit Prague. I only visited for 3 nights, which was a bit short for me – I definitely could have spent a couple more days wandering around and will probably have to drop by again soon. General Prague is a super pretty… Read more »

Berlin Field Notes

This may eventually move to a Page or some other more long-lived category (by tag or geography), but for now I’ll be using a regular post to keep some running notes: General People are very friendly and open and most speak/understand English well Days during summer are awesome. Sunset between 9-10PM Packages are delivered often-times… Read more »