Leonard Uses This

In February, after almost a decade and a half’s worth of procrastination, I finally sat down and finished my usesthis writeup, which summarizes most of the gear I travel with.

At some point I’ll move all this to a more up-to-date/less rambly document, but a few notes on some changes:

  • I’ve switched my power strip to a MOGICS Donut – this device is not only lighter and more compact, but also has 2 x 2A (total) USB plugs in addition to 5 US plugs and a compact international adapter plug. There’s a slightly larger Bagel version that has 4 universal (UK, EU, AU, US) plugs instead.
  • I’ve switched from my Mavic Pro to a Mavic Air – image quality is similar, but in a much reduced package. For travel, the reduced size and weight is awesome, and being a little less noisy, and being a little less responsive (the wifi signal is noticeably worse than the Pro’s “OcuSync” style signal), but the tradeoff is worth it. Also, the new controller (with the sticks that can unscrew/store in the controller are fantastic).
  • I mentioned I was shooting off some slim batteries. I’m sticking with the iNice 3000mAh as my in-jacket emergency battery, and the iNice 5000mAh as an extra in-bag battery.