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Hacked By GeNErAL

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Berlin Field Notes

This may eventually move to a Page or some other more long-lived category (by tag or geography), but for now I’ll be using a regular post to keep some running notes: General People are very friendly and open and most speak/understand English well Days during summer are awesome. Sunset between 9-10PM Packages are delivered often-times… Read more »

Gear List

On my previous trip I put most of my stuff into a ridiculously large (10’x20′) storage unit. My intention for this trip was to try to get rid of everything. While I fell short, I did reduce down to a 7’x10′ unit. For traveling, I’ve switched from a large (60L) backpacker pack to a small… Read more »

Berlin Pics 1

<a title="7:23" href="http://www Your Domain” rel=””> Slowly publishing to my Berlin Album.

Yak Shaving

In the spirit of having spent way more time than I really should have futzing on the design and setup of this travel blog (you know, instead of writing about traveling), here’s a list of pointless colophon: The site is open source and pretty much all the code is on Github. I also have a list of todos there. The… Read more »

First Post

Near the beginning of this year, I started traveling again. It’s taken a while (and 2 continents) for me to get this travel blog up and running, but hopefully now that I’ve nailed down a good-enough design and it’s up and running, I’ll do a better job back-filling content in. A few years ago I… Read more »