Gear List

On my previous trip I put most of my stuff into a ridiculously large (10’x20′) storage unit. My intention for this trip was to try to get rid of everything. While I fell short, I did reduce down to a 7’x10′ unit.

For traveling, I’ve switched from a large (60L) backpacker pack to a small backpack (currently a T-Level Challenger 32L) and a Zuca Pro travel carry-on.

I put together a spreadsheet at the beginning of the year and in a fit of why the hell not, weighed everything on the office small scale when I was back in town during the summer. My plan, which I’ve done a fair job sticking to, is to refine what I’m carrying with a 1-in-1-out policy. By the end of the year I’ll finally getting around to filling out my setup.

The Gear list is in the main sheet, but there are some additional sheets that may be of interest:

Carryon GearBackpack Gear

  • I’ll probably end up doing some write-ups of some of this stuff, especially where existing guides/writeups have been inadequate (spare batteries, international power adapters, the T-Level bag, etc)
  • While it’s a relatively compact setup, it’s heavier than I’d like, mostly due to the amount of gadgets. Once nice thing about weighing everything is you can really have a metric to literally weigh against.
  • There are still a bunch of questionable items/cables that I’ll probably end up getting rid of for my next hop.
  • Some of these items are mentioned in my Wirecutter is always wrong rant.